fernando tessari

Meet the guy who moved
from the executive world
to the e-bike world.

Fernando Tessari is a Brazilian guy with an Italian heritage and tech background. But, one day, Santa Barbara -CA, changed some of it, and the guy who founded the e-Bikery changed his own history.

Friends and family knew it – Fernando is a tender-hearted person with a big smile, but it came as a surprise his fine ability to deal with the public. His dedication to e-Bikery clients is unique and key to his thriving business.

It was a long journey from the executive world in Multinational Corporations in Brazil to owning an e-Bike Business in Santa Barbara.
Still, it was worth every minute.


What is your first memory of a bicycle?
I have a picture of me, probably around 3 years old, riding a small tricycle but after that, I remember as a kid going everywhere in my hometown on my 10-speed road bike.
Has cycling always been part of your life?
It was part of my childhood and teen years. After that, I always lived in big cities, and unfortunately, it was not safe to ride a bike. I would eventually do it as recreation, but it was in Santa Barbara that it all came back.
What’s the purpose behind e-Bikery?
My wife got her first e-Bike right after we arrived in Santa Barbara, and it was tough for her to find accessories and a bike shop that would help her. At that time, we were looking to open a business here, and there was an opportunity in front of us. Unfortunately, or fortunately for us, Santa Barbara lacked a Bike Shop with premium service focused solely on e-Bikes with particular attention to the city commuter/weekend cruiser customer.

How do you apply your corporate and tech background to an e-bike business?
My business and tech background helped to put all the pieces of the business puzzle together. My IT background helps in selecting the right software, implementing processes to make the business run smoothly, and not being afraid of the new technologies the e-Bike is presenting.
Why should someone get into e-biking?
Why would anyone not get into it? It is a natural evolution. I’ve seen so many lives transformed after getting their e-Bikes. For the young, it gives them independence, and for the older, it makes them feel young again!
Any special tips for a beginner?
There is too much information out there, and it is confusing. Don’t just buy online or what your neighbor says. The best bike for me is not the best bike for you. We are all different. Trust a bike shop and try before you buy. It is an investment, and you need to choose the right bike for you because you will want to ride it every day.

What does a guy who lived in São Paulo, Brazil, one of the biggest cities in the world, find so special in SB to open a business and settle in?
If you live in Santa Barbara, you know it is a special place. Santa Barbara has a perfect size. It’s a small town but has lots of things to do. It was a great surprise to see how the community supports local businesses.
What were the main challenges?
It was hard at first to figure out how things worked. The bike industry is a lot based on relationships and trust, and being new in the game was challenging. However, with time we showed that we were here to stay and brought many lovely new things.
How do you see the e-bike market in the long term?
e-Bikes are here to stay. I think we will see even more applications to solve everyday transportation problems and grow bigger on the sports side. I also believe we will see many cheap online brands disappear as the consumer gets more educated.


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