e-Bikery is a full-service Bike shop ready to assemble, repair or maintain your regular or electric bike. Our team of professional bike mechanics offered a high-quality service, with precision and care, in Santa Barbara and nearby.

Safety check
Drivetrain system adj & lubrication
Brake system adj
Bearing system adj
Spot wheel true

All adj from a basic tuneup
Precision wheel true
Frame & wheel cleaning
Deep drivetrain cleaning
New grease in needed locations
Component install labor

Front derailleur adj/tune $ 30

Rear derailleur adj/tune $ 50

Front hub bearing adj/tune $ 25

Rear hub adj/tune $ 30

Bottom bracket adj/tune $ 20

Install new bottom bracket $ 30

Chain install & adj/tune $ 30

Basic two wheel true $ 55

Tire & tube installation off bike $ 15

Tire or tube installation $ 25

Brakes front & back $ 50

Bike assemble (assemble and tune) $ 200


If you buy your bike online, we can assemble it for you. You have the option to have it shipped to our store or we can pick it up at your house. Contact us for details and service agreement.

When picking up your bike, you will be asked to show a valid government-issued ID and the order number displayed on your order confirmation email.

Assemble $ 200,00

Pick up $ 30,00*

Pick up and return $ 50,00*

Those rates are for pick up and deliver in Santa Barbara/ Goleta/ Carpinteria/ Summerland. Other locations ask for a quote. The assemble service is made by a professional bike mechanic.


Check the delivered parts
Safety check
Electrical assessment
First tune-up to make sure that all mechanic parts are running well
First break check free after a month using the bike

Prices may vary.


ABC quick check before every ride.


Check tires, Does it feel like it needs air? Pump your tires!


Check tension on brakes do they feel loose or squeak?
Time for a check-up at your local bike shop e-Bikery!


Does it look rusty? Dry? Squeeze a couple of drops of lube on your chain!

Bike Cleaning

Do not wash the bike with buckets of water or hose.
Regular cleaning helps keep dirt, mud and debris away from damaging the bike and motor.
If the bike is used daily clean once a week.
Use special cleaning products designed for bicycles.
Clean with a lightly wet rag and dry it off after.

Battery Maintenance

Charge the battery after every ride that way it is ready for the next ride.
If you need or want to clean, wipe down the battery with a dry and clean rag.
Park the bike under some shade so the battery isn’t in the sun for a long period of time.
If you won’t use your bike for a while, store in a dry, cool place and fully charged.
You should also not discharge your battery to less than about 20%.


Apply bike lube to the most moving areas such as the chain.
If used regularly lube your bike once a week after every cleaning.