Choosing an electric bike? We have a great selection of e-bikes for sale

Yes, we have a great selection of e-bikes for sale with Hub drives or mid-drive motors for city commutes, off-road, e-mountain bikes, or cargo.

At e-Bikery, we aim to find the best solution for your ride wishes, even if you are a pro or have never experienced an electric bike before. We have a great selection of hub-drive and mid-drive electric bikes for sale in partnership with great and reliable manufacturers passionate about quality, design, safety, and customer service. 

Our team is dedicated to finding the perfect e-bike to satisfy the unique needs of every rider and is always excited to answer questions. We also always encouraged our customers to test ride e-bikes to try all pedal-assist technologies and find the right fit for them. 

Once you find the perfect e-bike, our staff will explain the nuts and bolts of your exciting new purchase. From daily use to special features and maintenance tips, no detail is too small for us to review. In addition, our technicians speak from experience to recommend the best accessories for safety, comfort, and security. We also offer delivery and pick-up. 

Therefore, at our 3,740 SF Santa Barbara store, you will find a great selection of e-bikes for sale. City commutes, cruisers, cargo, off-road, foldable, fat tires, and e-mountain bikes ready to test ride. Visit us at 590E Gutierrez St., Santa Barbara – CA.

Great selection of e-bikes for sale from reliable brands, such as:
Gazelle, Yamaha, Mondraker, Civilized, Surface604, Stromer, Urban Arrow, Aventon, Magnum, and Mokwheel.

For your convenience: We offer delivery and pick-up – Call us at 8058692574 or e-mail to schedule an appointment. Parking on-site;  We service and repair all bikes and e-bikes;

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