e-Bikery is a local family-owned shop in Santa Barbara, CA focused on delivering quality electric bicycle (e-bikes) accessories and services. We are a multi-brand shop with a primary focus on city commute e-bikes and accessories.

We have electric bikes for rent and sale so both tourists and locals alike can visit Santa Barbara attractions or just cruise the city without worrying about the climbs and at their own pace. Stop at a coffee shop, eat at that cool restaurant, catch the ocean breeze without worrying about parking, traffic, or terrain.

To rent you will find brand new Motiv bikes, the more complete bikes of the market for rent. All of our rental bikes are equipped with a cup holder, phone holder, mirror and, basket or rear rack.

For sale, you will find new e-Bikes and cool accessories. Whether you study, work, or just want to catch up with the athletic ones in the family an electric bike is a great way to keep moving. Environmentally friendly, easy to use, and fun, e-Bikes are great for all your city commutes.

e-Bikery is your one-stop shop for new products, rentals, or services of electric bikes.

Come to know e-Bikery and see the benefits that an electric bike can bring to your life.

Connect with a healthier life, with the freedom to choose your path regardless of the obstacles, and help us build a more sustainable, and cleaner world.

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